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Colonial Parkway

I spent a day driving the Colonial Parkway today.

I had a car, hours in front of me, and a deep-seated desire to experience the Fall colors and crisp air, and the other-worldliness of the Parkway, all 23 miles of its winding curves with no stop lights or stop signs.

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Muscle cars

I was watching “Grindhouse: Deathproof” last night (which is AMAZING by the way), and learned a few interesting things about ’60s and ’70s American muscle cars from Art. I queued up some cult car chase movies (Vanishing Point) and started looking up some photo sets online, and found this gorgeous site.

Eye candy

Eye candy

Had a fantastic day today. Unfortunately it involved a little naughtiness in the fact that I skipped all my classes, but it was well worth it. See LA blog for all the adventures, but this is an impromptu art project. I went to dinner at Panda the other day with two friends from photo class,… Continue reading Eye candy