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angry Tommy

He was licking his right leg until it bled, and we tried to curb his grooming instinct with a cloth muzzle and a sock. To no avail. Oh well. It will heal eventually. Oh, and yes. That is my elusive brother. He works so hard it’s rare to see photographic evidence of him.

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I’m not a very enthusiastic cat person, because fundamentally, I don’t understand them, something, oddly, that cat owners cherish about their pets. Mirabeau came into our lives after a brush with death sparked by Tommy’s basic hatred of all living things that are not our family. At the beginning, Mirabeau was Mirabelle. Then one day,… Continue reading mirabeau

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  A word about the dog. There are going to be regular pictures of Tommy in this blog so I ┬ámay as well introduce him in the cast of characters. He is an “intact male”, I’ll let you figure that one out. Let’s just say that it would be an understatement to state Tommy has… Continue reading tommy