forty dollar dvds

this is a terrible picture, but i’m simply puzzled that these DVD’s are even for sale. Barbie As Rapunzel (um…Angelica Houston does the voice of Gothel, whoever that is), Ultimate Game with Gerard Butler (which I think is actually Gamer) and Arena with Samuel L. Jackson are all worth 20,000 CFA Francs (36 Euros and… Continue reading forty dollar dvds

color · Congo


Another good color combo. I just loved the shape of the clothes line post. It is probably going to sound strange, but I have to admit, the reason I took the picture is because of the sense of reverence this scene inspired me. It just felt like I was in a church. I know it’s… Continue reading yard

Congo · Family

out of gas

We had a lovely Chinese dinner one night, and Nic joined mom and I towards the end. We were walking home and he was riding beside us when he ran out of gas, and walked his bike the rest of the way home. Pointe-Noire by night.

Family · tommy

angry Tommy

He was licking his right leg until it bled, and we tried to curb his grooming instinct with a cloth muzzle and a sock. To no avail. Oh well. It will heal eventually. Oh, and yes. That is my elusive brother. He works so hard it’s rare to see photographic evidence of him.