color · Congo


Another good color combo. I just loved the shape of the clothes line post. It is probably going to sound strange, but I have to admit, the reason I took the picture is because of the sense of reverence this scene inspired me. It just felt like I was in a church. I know it’s… Continue reading yard

Congo · Family

out of gas

We had a lovely Chinese dinner one night, and Nic joined mom and I towards the end. We were walking home and he was riding beside us when he ran out of gas, and walked his bike the rest of the way home. Pointe-Noire by night.

Family · tommy

angry Tommy

He was licking his right leg until it bled, and we tried to curb his grooming instinct with a cloth muzzle and a sock. To no avail. Oh well. It will heal eventually. Oh, and yes. That is my elusive brother. He works so hard it’s rare to see photographic evidence of him.