forty dollar dvds

what is a dvd worth

this is a terrible picture, but i’m simply puzzled that these DVD’s are even for sale. Barbie As Rapunzel (um…Angelica Houston does the voice of Gothel, whoever that is), Ultimate Game with Gerard Butler (which I think is actually Gamer) and Arena with Samuel L. Jackson are all worth 20,000 CFA Francs (36 Euros and probably around 50 USD).

Congostyle phone activation

hey, what’s your number…

I tried two different providers in the 2 months I’ve been here, and they both sucked for different reasons. One had was so new and unpopular I could never get credit recharges from street vendors, and the other one was too expensive, so I ended up going with the same provider that everyone in my family uses. That way, we just buy recharges in bulk, place them in a big box and we can all use them.

So I went to the provider store, and they had two tents with three tables set up. You bring your own unlocked phone and choose a phone number among the ones lying around, looking for a “pretty” phone number if you can still find one, they take your name and address and you pay 300 CFA Francs (about 0.50 USD and about the same in Euros) and you have your number.

congostyle garbage cans

drum set of garbage cans


I was walking by the other day, on the same stretch of road where I took the picture of the goats and saw this gorgeous arrangement: a set of trash cans, metal barrels welded onto a metal post at various angles in primary colors on a background of a cement staircase that looks like it’s leading nowhere (in fact, of course the stairs–without railing I might add, and leading straight onto a public thoroughfare–lead to a door about 8 feet off the ground).

Congostyle art gallery

This art gallery is at the Post Office. Our P.O. box is one of the grey ones you can see behind the pillars. If you need to buy art for your home or as a gift, you come here or you go to one of the many art markets around town. But at least in the D.R.C. and Congo, there has always been a sort of art gallery at the Post Office, as long as I can remember. It’s nice to have that again. I missed it when I lived in the U.S.

the artist


insert your name here


another artist’s work: a little Keith Haring, maybe?