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Pedro Almodovar Israeli Slideshow

Tsunami Paradise The cover of the International Herald Tribune showed an idyllic beach in Thailand with the title “114,000 dead” and I thought “how insensitive to show heavenly beach when somany people have just died.” In fact, looking closely, it’s a shot of people running, completely panicked, away from the 10-meter waves that are crashing… Continue reading Pedro Almodovar Israeli Slideshow

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What’s in a family?

I pray my ancestors were great people. Horsemen (probably of short stature but with green eyes that looked to the horizon of the Palestine hills) and noble men, Polish servants, Jews, and French peasants, German horticulturists, Persian rug-dyers, Mothers, Fathers, probably a few artists, priests, highway brigands I’m imagining. Please…a Corsican at some point? or… Continue reading What’s in a family?